Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feather Dancer

"Feather Dancer"
Art on the Avenue ... SOLD
9"x12" acrylic

The object of this painting was to capture movement, energy and color. This was one of the Indian dancers that I photographed several weeks ago when I was on an outing with my daughter. We had no idea a festival was being held at The Village at Indian Springs and they were doing their last dance when we arrived. The batteries were low in my camera and I was so afraid the pictures wouldn't take... I only got four! My husband and I went back this past weekend to their Indian Museum to have arrowheads identified and discovered that we have one broken projectile that is paleo-Indian... approximately 13,000 years old! Wow! They scanned, measured and cataloged information about it. They also suggested we might want to donate it to a museum later.

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Pat Burns said...

This painting sold the day after it was placed in the Art on the Avenue Fine Art Gallery. Exciting!