Friday, April 30, 2010

Plein Air Paint Out

Last year was such fun that I made sure to schedule this one in again!  This small town is buzzing with activities this weekend and the weather promises to be beautiful.  Join us if you can!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Solo Selections

Now that the reception for "Conversations in Paint" has so successfully passed, Art on the Avenue would like to release this link to Solo Selections , where you can scroll through all of the artwork offered at the show.
I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reception Rainbow

Wow... I am still processing last night's reception to "Conversations in Paint" that Art on the Avenue held for me!  The outpouring support from everyone was truly a humbling experience.  I tried to speak to each person, but I know there were some that I simply could not get to during the busiest part of the evening.  Please know that I appreciate your being there so much to share my love of art.
There are too many people to thank here, and I want to thank you individually anyway, so I'll just post a few photos taken last night for all to enjoy.  Please also check out Art on the Avenue's Facebook page in the next day or so, as I'm sure they will post some, too.

I had to share this one, taken during the reception by photography friend, Donna Brown, just outside the gallery door.  Note that the sign where the rainbow starts says "PURE".  That just about sums it up!

Ken and Pat Ewing, fellow artists and now collectors, drove all the way to middle Georgia from Virginia just to surprise me ... and they did!  My heart-felt thanks for your support.

My most distant fan, Miguel Tello, shown here with his parents Penny and Mike, is from Argentina.  I was glad to catch him while he was here visiting and so pleased that they took the time out of a busy schedule to share the evening with me.  Thanks, guys!

Gratitude to Pam, for bringing her mother, Patsy Fried, a dear client who has commissioned me in the past to portray their pet lion, Fritz, in a "Spirit in Stone".  What a pleasure to see you both.

Martha Thompson, long time friend and painting buddy, with Virgil Cooper, who greatly honored me by giving my painting series of four seasons in birds a new home.  Hope you enjoy them for many years to come, Virgil!
Walter and Vicki Ellison(on the left), who own two 4' x 8' paintings of mine, were welcomed guests.  He has promised to bring me a huge slab of stone he found on his property several years ago to try to find a "spirit" in.... bring it on, Walter!

Well, about now it started getting so busy that the camera became an after-thought.  Here's hoping that  Ginger, Mary Jane and Debbie can help fill in the gaps with their pictures.

What a rewarding night for my art spirit... thanks to all!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bluegrass Soy Sauce

"Bluegrass Soy Sauce"
24" x 30" oil on canvas

This is the last painting I've finished for the show tomorrow night.  I hope no one tests it to see if it's dry!  I posted several "work in progress" shots of this painting way back in Jan/Feb.  Once I set it aside to dry for the next layer, it seems other paintings kept jumping in front of it to be completed.  I'm pleased with the final results, though.  It is subtle and vibrant all at the same time.  Once it's had a chance to cure and the glaze goes on, the finishes of the paint will match and it will look even better.
There's an interesting story behind this painting.  Matt Jamie, the man in the painting, is the owner of Bourbon Barrel FoodsGarden & Gun Magazine sent me an email that had this incredible picture of Matt testing his Bluegrass Soy Sauce that he ages in bourbon barrels.  I got in touch with Matt and asked his permission to paint from that photograph, taken by Chris Witzke, which he so generously allowed me to do.
Do visit his web site and check out this small, personal company that puts a unique twist on creating flavorful seasonings and sauces. 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"All American" is a winner!

I just got the good news that "All American" won Second Place in the Georgia in Bloom Art Fest in Madison, Georgia last night.  I had made plans to attend the reception with my son, but after watching the weather forecast and seeing those red and yellow blotches coming across the radar, my husband said that he'd rather we were not on the's a one-hour trip one way from my house.  I have never heard thunder quite like last night's.  It sounded like multiple cannons going off with deep rumblings over long stretches of time.  I'm glad our house was not in the direct path.
I am praying that the weather is good for my reception Tuesday night at Art on the Avenue!  I only have one painting left on the easel drying.  There's a floor easel waiting to receive it at the gallery.  Are you like me and always have one important piece just making under the wire for a show? 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Poached Salmon

"Poached Salmon"
10" x 22" acrylic on blue shalimar
...a 'Spirit in Stone'
This is the latest in a series of new 'Spirits in Stone' that will be presented in "Conversations in Paint" at Art on the Avenue from April 27th - May 7th.  Mary Jane is busy as I write this, doing her magic...hanging the show.
Tomorrow we do a little TV spot on local station WMAZ to help get the news out.
The van was well-packed and it was amazing that I managed to get it all in without packing one of our cats in with the artwork.. They are so curious that it's quite aggravating... having to close the door to the van between each trip in and out of the studio.  Piggy, in particular, is a rather large cat and loves to dig into any box or squeeze behind any painting.  I'm glad that all I have left to do is label and sleeve some prints.  Whew!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You are invited!

The past few months have been very focused!  I have come to believe that solo shows are like paintings... you never really finish; you just stop in interesting places.  I hope that the folks that make the effort to come see close to eighty (yes, 80!) creations will feel my passion for this thing called art.
Close to 40 pieces have never been seen by the public.  Most have been created within the last 18 months.  A few are favorite works that have graced my walls and are being offered for sale for the first time to make room for the next chapter of my artistic life.  A few others are works that are special pieces in collections that I've borrowed simply for your viewing enjoyment.  I have so many more images rattling around inside my heart and head that need to take form on canvas, panel, sculpture or stone.  My thanks to all who encourage me and who put up with me when I have my blinders are special people!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting ready

I promise you that I have not disappeared!  This past weekend, all the framing equipment was set in the barn/shop and hubby and I are busy framing artwork for my solo show.  All the work has to be delivered by next Friday so that MJ can do what she is so masterful at doing... hanging a cohesive show for the enjoyment of all who come.  Macon Magazine has published a very nice little article on the show, written by Johanna Anderson.  Debbie has posted some pieces on the Art on the Avenue Facebook page that I haven't even seen yet. Macon Arts has it listed on their calendar and I'm scheduled to appear on WMAZ's morning feature live TV spot Sat April 24th.  There's still an unfinished oil on the easel and plenty of stones waiting to come to life.  I promise to fill you all in within a few days, but for now... it's back to the framing!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

After the Bath

"After the Bath"
2" x 4" acrylic on red/gray striated slate
... a 'Spirit in Stone'

This is a sweet little stone with such a shallow relief that you almost have to use your fingernails to follow it.  I left the body and the upper left corner the natural color of the stone.  Some small pieces like this I have turned into broaches, but given the subject matter of this one, I think I'll just offer it bare.  Maybe someone will put her in a shadow box or let her be a paper weight.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Irish Setter

 "Irish Setter"
10" x 10" acrylic on blue shalimar
... a 'Spirit in Stone'

What a terrific profile and relief of the ear, neck and muzzle in this stone!  The only bad thing is that there is a terrific smallmouth bass in relief on the other side, but this Irish setter was just too amazing to pass up.  Dogs tug on my heartstrings more than fish, for sure. This stone will be in my solo show at Art on the Avenue along with about twenty other stones.  

This is the first time I've had a group of stones up for show and sale in many years.  I've done a few on commission, but have been concentrating on my other paintings since returning to the studio not quite two years ago.  The six years before that were basically spent working outside the art world with the exception of family paintings.  It's a crazy economic time to be re-emerging, but the outside world just refuses to follow my time line.  If I were president, I think I'd mandate that everyone had to purchase original artwork instead of health insurance... it would make people happier and healthier!  Just joking - I prefer freedom of choice, don't you?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In Hot Company

"In Hot Company"
8" x 13" acrylic on gessoed masonite
Here's another one of those paintings that has tickled my mind for some time.  I've never put the original up for sale before, although I've sold at least a dozen prints of it in the 11" x 14" format that you see below.  It's been hanging in my kitchen for ten years.  Today I took the jigsaw to it and cut the original down to 8" x 13" ... no more tickle!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Feathers for Supper

"Feathers for Supper"
12" x 26" acrylic on blue shalimar
...a 'Spirit in Stone'

This is a depiction of a bluebird narrowly missing being supper for a red fox.  The remarkable reliefs in this stone include the fox's tail and hind quarters and the bird's upper wing, head and beak... not to mention the overall shape of the stone to get both subjects in perspective to tell a story. 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cathedral Grove II

"Cathedral Grove II"
24" x 48" acrylic on gessoed masonite

I painted this scene in 1997 based on a black and white photo of my uncle's pecan grove. I had positive feedback on it at two shows but could not sell it because my son claimed it.  So here it is again, or at least a very similar one, hence the "II" in the title.  This one will be for sale at my solo show in April.... unless someone is interested before then.  If that is the case, just drop me an email.