Monday, June 8, 2009

No cigar!

Very busy last week but 'no cigar"! I actually spent 26 hours of pure painting in front of the easel. I have three incomplete paintings to show (or not show) for it. Also, I couldn't resist going back into the cowboy painting and noodling around on a few details that needed refinement... and fix where I had to wipe off the white paint my 3-yr-old grandchild added to wet paint! After putting the Indian painting away for several days, I saw some changes I want to make before I post it finished. Two more scenes based on reference photos I took at the community ballfield are coming along nicely. All are in oil, which is why I have 3 going at the same time. I don't have that aggravating wait time in acrylics, but oils are so much easier to leave and come back to... and since I never know when I'll be interrupted at the gallery, this is a good thing! Hopefully this week I'll be able to post the finished products and start some new ones.

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