Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back in the Studio!

Almost three full months of my time have gone into the local Monroe County Arts Alliance. It's been quite an experience ....rewarding, draining, educational, exasperating and fun...all at the same time! Thank you to all my web friends who have not given up on me. The next three posts are the last three paintings that I simply have not had time to photograph and record until today. All three are in the show "Paint This Town!" at the gallery of MCAA here in Forsyth, along with about 20 others, miniature to large. It hung on Sept 2 and continues through Oct 2. Three of my originals have already sold and I've taken a commission, so I the work has been worth it.
Volunteers will be taking over much of the work I've been doing, so that I can catch up on my painting. Yeah!!!

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