Saturday, June 11, 2011


"One Down, Two to Go"  16x20 oil
This is one of my favorite paintings, so I was really pleased when it took First Place at Arts Clayton's new show, "Here and Now".  Asked about the format, I told the story of this 'slice of life' painting:
I received permission to use a photo reference taken by a four-year-old of the preparations her family goes through for a 4-H lamb show.  Whether she meant to crop her dad's head out of the picture or not, she achieved a focus on the activity instead of a face, which I found compelling to paint.  You can feel the warm, humid spring in Georgia as her dad wipes the sweat from his brow and says " down, two to go", referring to the two unshorn sheep in the pasture.
The judge, Will Fenn, said that he considered it "a stand-out".  Will is a visiting professor at Ernest G. Welch School of Design at Georgia State University.  He is Arts Clayton's 2010 Juried Photography Judge and currently has a solo show in their second gallery called "Pearls", a collection of photographic images using the tin-type process.
Tin-type photographic images by Will Fenn

We got into a discussion about the time processes of tin-type and traditional representational painting.  In this era of instant gratification, he at first gets resistance from his students, who can take 100 reproducible digital shots to one original non-reproducible tin-type, which requires even further processing to complete.  I get the same reaction when teaching layers of painting to my students.  But as his students settle into the process, they get a certain satisfaction that has many putting in extra hours on their own, he says.  As the world moves faster and faster, we both expressed hope that there will be a resurgence in the appreciation of the traditional and historical arts and crafts, even though there may be fewer of us producing them.

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