Sunday, December 28, 2008

Portrait Swap for Jan '09

Portrait Swap Jan '09
Different Strokes from Different Folks Challenge
9"x12" oil on canvasboard

I have no idea who she is! That was the whole idea behind Karin Jurick's challenge for us. This way we could view the photo reference objectively and use it the same way you would use a reference for oranges or apples in a still life. I took some artistic liberties with it, as with any reference, but stayed true to the lovely fellow artist that was in the photo. Hope she likes it! Keep a look-out on Karin's blog for the portrait that this artist does of me... and the names will then be revealed. What fun!!!
Update!!! The mystery artist is Kate Merriman... check out her blog and see the terrific portrait that she did of me. Look at all the wonderful use of vibrant color in her paintings and you'll see an obvious zest for life reflected in her work. I feel lucky that she got me to paint!


dominique eichi said...

Very nice portrait.

Carol Feldman said...

I really like your light and the soft against sharp work in this. Did you really get such a beautiful photo to paint from? The imagage and your work is wonderful.

Carol Feldman said...

sorry..."image" not "imagage".

Pat Burns said...

Thank you for the comment, Carol! The photo I got was just a face from the collar up taken inside a car, so there were shadows in strange places. Her hair was pulled back but I could tell from little wisps that it was curly and her coloring was "Irish", so I took it from there and played with it. I think that was what Karin was after when she said for us to use the photo as a reference. But I was lucky in that my subject has beautiful features for sure!!!
Will you be doing one?

Kate said...

I just LOVE this!! So admire your skill and you made a real person out of that photo, which was a sort of grungy "dog park morning" shot!
And you absolutely pegged it with "Irish" and gave me my dream hair.
I only hope I did your wonderful smile justice. I usually paint animals so it was truly a challenge!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Pat, you did a great job with Kate! this is awesome.