Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Madison Morning

This is me painting on the square in Madison, GA Saturday, May 2. The weather and setting was absolutely wonderful... and my sister, Pam, was with me! She took these pictures, thank goodness, since I accidentally deleted mine in transferring them from camera to computer.
I had set up to capture the sidewalk tables across the street at O'Hara's, when this guy sitting on the park bench near me caught my eye. It seemed everyone who passed knew him. A car pulled up and the driver gave him a banana, chatted a moment and drove on. By the time he had finished the banana, another car stopped with a sandwich. This is a local character that I really need to capture, I thought. Besides, his profile and body language sitting in the deep shade on that bench were great. I quickly sketched him in and then spent into the afternoon filling in his hometown surroundings. Locals stopping by to see what I was painting would say " Hey, I know him... he's here every morning!" By the time I finished, I knew his name and history!

"Madison Morning"... SOLD
8" x 10" oil on panel

Sorry it's kinda' fuzzy, but it's all I have. This was the first painting bid on at the silent auction that afternoon. It was surprising to see how many people knew exactly who he was! It also garnered me an 'Honorable Mention'.


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Wow! The story behind this is so neat. I love that people were able to recognize him!

Sheila said...

Makes me want to do this. Thank you for sharing your process with us!