Saturday, April 25, 2009

Deb Pero

This painting was NOT done by me....although I wish it was! This sweet little 5"x7" oil was done by Deb Pero and I encourage you to check out her '60 Days - 60 Paintings' project before they are all gone sometime in May. I admire her ability to choose just what is necessary to achieve such large atmosphere in such a small space. As a lesson for myself, I painted an 8"x10" oil of this scene last night. Just suffice to say that what looks so effortless coming from Deb, did not coming from me! It was a delicious slice of fun, though, and I will keep trying. Thanks, Deb, for the daily eye candy!

Most of my Friday was spent prepping paintings and delivering to two of the Macon galleries, Art on the Avenue and Macon Arts.

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deb pero said...

wow, imagine my surprise (and delight) when I went to check out what new paintings might be showing up on your blog, to see something rather familiar staring me in the face! Thanks for the PR, and the kind words, but, everybody, I own an original Pat Burns and absolutely love it! Its one of my favorite paintings in the house! Pat's paintings tell a story, and sometimes leave you hanging to write your own ending! What fun!