Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back Home

The trip was rejuvenating!   I reconnected with some old friends and made some new ones... what could possibly be any better than that?!  Our first stop was in Darien, GA, known for it's fishing fleet.  I'm always awestruck by the massive oaks and Spanish moss on the coast.  Pictures just can't capture the grandeur of their spreading canopy and the graceful drape of moss hanging in lengths of ten feet or more in places.  Unfortunately, it was so unseasonably windy and cold that I didn't even go on the pier or the beach at our next stop on St. Simons Island... I'm getting soft and you snowbirds will laugh at me for sure.  Savannah's City Market was the next day's stop and we really enjoyed going through the artists' studios.  Pam and I had delicious food everywhere we went and some incredible muscadine white & red wine at Shannon Vineyard's Tasting Room across from Paula Dean's 'Lady &Sons' one block off the main City Market.  With the weather so cold and it being mid-week, we had no crowds or massive traffic to deal with, so it was very relaxing.  The restaurants didn't even mind if we lingered.  We were able to spend time talking with the artists and writers.... and we took lots of pictures.  I'm sure some will show up as paintings in April's solo show in Macon and the Darien show I'm doing in July.  Glad to be back home again but I'm looking forward to our next outing, too!

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