Friday, November 5, 2010

Blast from the past!

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing two of my past paintings in their home environment... and it really did my heart good!  Both 4' x 8' paintings were originally commissioned in 1998 as murals to be put on the outside of cabins that are used for hunters and boy scouts. They are painted in acrylics on signboard and sealed with several coats of polyacrylic to weather the outdoors. Vickie gave me free-rein to treat the subjects, foxes and deer in a Georgia setting, any way I wanted. I remember that she sent a son to pick up the finished paintings in his truck.  Within the hour I received a phone call from her husband, Walter... "I don't like them!", he said.  "Bring'em back!", I said. "I don't like them.... I love them!", he said. "No way are these going outside!  We will find places for them inside somewhere."  And they did just that, building the foxes into a stone fireplace wall and placing the deer prominently in a bedroom.  Thanks to Walter and Vickie for giving my artwork such a good home!

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