Saturday, November 20, 2010

Time well spent

"Out of Africa" .....  a 'Spirit in Stone'

The last two gorgeous afternoons have been spent under a tent outside Magnolia Gallery at Lake Oconee.  I met some great folks who were out enjoying the fine fall weather during the Art Ramble put together by nine galleries within a fifteen mile radius of Greensboro, GA.  Friday I did a demo with 'Spirits in Stone', showing folks the process of choosing, preparing and painting on stones.
  Today I made 'rusty doodles', which are sculptures made from one continuous piece of steel tie wire... my construction background coming through.  The 'rusty doodles' don't photograph well, as you can see through them, but I've posted two of the smaller ones here just for you to get
Black Widow
the idea. With not being able to cut the wire, they are indeed a puzzle to the brain.  Maybe they will prevent me from getting Alzheimer's!


Betty said...

I've enjoyed seeing your paintings the last several months even though I haven't left a comment.

I am so interested to know where you find the stones you paint. They all are exactly right for the animals that you bring to 'life'.

The wire creatures are interesting. I've made several large butterflies that I attached to sticks of bamboo that I use in flowerbeds....

Hope everyone is well....Betty

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Love, love, LOVE the elephant!! Awesome! I like how your call the little sculptures "Rusty Doodles" too. Cool name and fun little creatures.