Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Integration Curbside

"Integration Curbside"
14"x22" acrylic on gessoed panel

This painting definitely had a mind of its own! It started out as a traditional representational painting and turned into pure symbolism. I guess we have all been affected by the recent political scene with history being made as Obama becomes our first African-American President-Elect. As I was laying in the base color of purple, it occurred to me that shadows do not care what color the skin, the religion, the political party or any other personal attribute. Shadows are indiscriminate. Then the pavement striping reminded me of our flag. If you mix the colors of our flag or the colors of our two major political parties, you get purple... so the symbolism continues. This painting represents that the sun is rising on a nation that has reached a new milestone in reflecting the people that make up our population.

Note that these are observations... I'm a Ron Paul supporter, myself.

Please check out the 'different strokes' link to see all the other interpretations of the photo reference that Karin gave us this week. What a great learning tool this is!

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dominique eichi said...

That's really great , Thanks Pat for an ensightful painting