Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's up

What's up? Just taking a breather and catching up with family after the art reception last Thursday. My grandson, Joseph, and I went on a photo outing Friday and took some cool pictures of fall leaves, a bamboo forest, hay bales and the animals at Dauset Trails Nature Center. That evening my sister, Pam, and I did a quick tour through the Music Hall of Fame and then visited with artists Sam Zellner, Doug Fromm & others at The Arts Exchange during First Friday in downtown Macon before catching a late supper and 'sister time' conversation.

Saturday was busy with my grandaughter Karleen's baptism, church potluck and afternoon football games. Sunday my dad and Pam came out for lunch and visiting until mid-afternoon, then it's time to prepare for the upcoming week again. I did manage to sketch out the basics for a new painting that night, which I refined yesterday morning before delivering paintings to Macon Arts and the fox stone to Celia Henigman.

Celia owns ATG Studio, a fabulous stained glass creation/restoration business, with attached Gallery 51, Forsyth's best-kept secret art gallery. You walk through the double red doors of a plain Jane old brick textile mill building and BAM!... you are in SoHo! She has taken in new artwork for winter and rearranged... it is a definite must see!!!

The only downer was the news that my sister-in-law is ill and may have cancer. My husband took a day off Monday while she underwent tests to try to wrap his mind around the possibility that his younger sister could be dealing with such a horrid thing. I cleaned up half of our garden plot and planted collard & cabbage sets that I bought three weeks ago. Digging in dirt is my greatest stress reliever! We still don't have definitive news about the results of her tests. We ask for your prayers for Robin, please.

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