Saturday, November 22, 2008

" TAG.... You're It !!! "

We artists seem to never tire of games with each other. It's one of the wonderful things about the on-line artist community. I have been tagged by super artist Kari Tirrell.
Here are the rules:

1. Place a link to the person that tagged you
2. List seven unusual things about yourself
3. Tag (and link to) seven other artists at the end of your post, and post on their blogs to let them know they’ve been tagged.

The hardest part is thinking of stuff about myself. I think this is a common problem with artists and why we have difficulty marketing ourselves sometimes. We tend to want our art to speak for us as we look down while shuffling the toe of our collective shoe and say "Aw, shucks!" Problem is... search engines can't see pictures, so we have to use words that don't come easy for a lot of us.
Here goes:
  1. I've always drawn. Drawing comes so naturally to me that I fear I discount its' value as an art form by itself. Some of my first drawings were found by my mother on the under-surfaces of tables and chairs. She'd told me not to draw on the walls but she said nothing about the furniture!
  2. I envy GOOD abstract painters.
  3. I have a weakness for images of Pegasus although I don't care for unicorns or other fairy-type images.
  4. I can finish a dream even after I'm awake as long as have never opened my eyes.
  5. In dreams I can be an animal and see my surroundings from their viewpoint, such as running through the woods as a fox, seeing through the fox's eyes. How is that possible?
  6. Sometimes I "fall in love" with a certain stage of an unfinished painting and have difficulty finishing it for fear of screwing it up.
  7. I have a life size concrete statue of a male angel with stained glass wings that I have needed to complete for 2 years! I was within a few handfuls of concrete to finish the hood on the robe when I ran out of the right kind of sand to mix it. Two days later I bought more sand but have never done it. Why? Weird.
OK, I've tagged seven more artists and challenged them to fess up some little known facts about themselves. They are: Kip Decker, Harlan, Debbie Anderson, Celia Henigman,
Joe Callahan, Lee Billings, Jackie Ivey-Weaver


Kari Tirrell said...

You are so interesting, Pat! I am jealous of #6. I'd rather have that than a bad ugly stage. Maybe #7 is because of #6? Thanks for playing!

Bronwyn, said...

I've finished dreams after waking, with my eyes closed, too. I think we're in an in between stage when we do that, somewhere between the usual dreaming stage & wakefulness. Perhaps it's a bit like lucid dreaming, but I feel it's closer to being awake.

Torrie Smiley said...

OMIGOSH! We have soooo much in common. I am #4 and 6# and pretty much #7--but it is a portrait of my children 24" x 36"

Check out my list, I was tagged by Kari.