Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Always Wary - companion stone to Georgia Red

"Always Wary"...SOLD
10.5"x21"x1.75" acrylic on blue shalimar stone
included with painting

First I painted "Always Wary", a piece in my 'Spirit in Stone' series. These stones are painted exactly as they are found in nature... no chipping or shaping of any kind. I incorporate the shape and texture of the stone into the painted image. Then I got the idea to make a companion painting to go with the stone. "Georgia Red" is a large painting of three red fox kits with their parents. Mama fox, the same one depicted in the stone, is now trying to catch a little nap outside the den while Papa takes over guard duty. The name of this painting is as much a reference to the red clay Georgia soil as it is reference to the species of fox. The deep woods scene with bright filtered light is very much like the woods behind my house where both red and gray foxes roam.

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