Sunday, January 10, 2010

A busy week

It has been unseasonably COLD here in Georgia over this past week. The grandchildren were out of school Mon-Weds but my daughter had to work, so that's where the first three days went. I did manage to get some computer work done, but pulling out the paints with 3 pairs of little hands around did not seem like a good idea. Too cold to play outside, they turned the entire den into a fort... complete with overturned sofas, chairs and TV trays creating tunnels draped with every bedspread and comforter in the house! Yesterday I did some serious catch-up painting and hope to post a new 16x20 tonight or tomorrow.
I did let the children have a paint session at the kitchen table. The two youngest completed the following pictures. The oldest, Brooke(11), chose to play on my computer while I was off.
Joseph (9) chose to paint a truck which he creatively added the camo pattern to. I was glad that it did not disturb him that the scale ran it off the page.
Matthew (6) chose to paint himself. What was most interesting was that he painted his naked body first and then added the clothes. It's amazing what we can learn from children!

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