Monday, January 25, 2010

"Ready to Ride" - WIP#1

Another work in progress.... this could become addictive, as I'm really good at starting paintings... finishing them requires a bit more discipline!  This is a very simple pencil sketch on a gessoed 12"x26" panel of birch veneer.  It's an odd size but the birch was given to me to try by an artist friend of mine and it fit the subject so well.  I don't do detailed sketches because covering them with paint is painful for me.  When I do a detailed drawing, which I do to familiarize myself with a subject, I'd just as soon keep the drawing as a separate piece of artwork.  For painting, I figure that the fewer lines I can use to get the perspective right, the better.  Just dive right into the paint! Here I have blocked in with Matisse colored gesso and already put a layer of oil paint on the sky and trees.  I'm glad I didn't do that on "Soysauce", as I don't like the way the Matisse 'grabs' the oil paint and absorbs it.  I'll finish this one in oil... it's small and I can build up enough layers to get the luminosity back... but I will be saving the colored gesso for acrylic paintings from now on.
Nothing ventured...nothing gained.  Always a student.

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