Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lion King

"Lion King"
24" x 26" acrylic on blue shalimar

This large 'Spirit in Stone' has also been a part of my private collection .  It has been great a display piece when I do demonstrations at schools or art associations. He just oozes 'majesty'!  Again, it's nearly impossible to appreciate him without feeling the texture and the 3-D relief of the stone.
If you want to paint on stones, let me suggest that you scrub, rinse and dry them really well.  I do not prime them, preferring to use as much of the stones natural color and texture as possible.  I use Winsor-Newton finest artist's grade tube acrylic.  Other brands do not adhere well.  Allow to completely dry then give it a coat of poly-acrylic to seal the stone.  If it will be displayed outdoors, you will want to add more coats and seal the back and sides as well.  I've got one that has been in my garden for 10 years with little sign of wear.


Lisa Riehl said...

Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous! You've obviously got a great eye for finding the animal in the stone.

Pat Burns said...

Thanks, Lisa...that means a lot coming from such a talented animal artist as yourself!