Friday, March 19, 2010

Out of Africa

"Out of Africa"
18" x 28" blue shalimar stone mounted on 24" x 36" panel
...a 'Spirit in Stone'

This is an older of only six stones that I have not put up for sale because they are so difficult to find in this size.  Please do enlarge and check out the texture in this old bull's is amazing!  I mounted this one (no easy feat due to its' weight) because the stone gets thinner at the edge of the ears and shalimar will break if dropped.  The edges can also cut you if thin, as I have found out.  I have enjoyed this in my home for about ten years and I'm considering making it available at the solo show in April, along with several others that I've enjoyed as long.  It's a hard decision, though, as this old boy has become a member of the family.


Lisa Riehl said...

These are amazing! Wow!!! And fantastic expression in his eyes....

Pat Burns said...

Thanks, Lisa. He's always been a great show piece for the 'Spirits in Stone' when I've done demo's, especially with children... they rub and rub his old nose.