Thursday, March 18, 2010

'Spirits in Stone'

For the past two weeks I've been painting 'Spirits in Stone' for my upcoming solo show.  Let me explain.  I take a stone as I find it in nature and look at the shapes, textures and colors that I find... much like looking for images in clouds.  Then I paint what I see without altering the stone... no chipping allowed!  I hesitate to present them in photographs because the only way to truly experience them is to put your hands on them.  Feel them.  Each stone is a gift, waiting to tell us something of our connection to the Earth, to Time and to the Creator... I am just an interpreter.  Here are a few:
"Avoiding the Badger"
8" x 25"
"Elephant Walk"
8" x 14"
"Polar Scent"
10" x 18"

So far I have 14 with high hopes of having 24 to offer at my show.


Kari Tirrell said...

These are excellent, Pat! The blue in Polar Scent is just perfect. Very impressive.

Betty said...

Wow! Each one is fantastic.

Betty McIntyre

Pat Burns said...

Thanks, Kari & Betty! I was afraid they wouldn't show up very well, but if you enlarge the images, some of the textures can be seen. It's nothing like running your fingers over them, though!