Saturday, May 8, 2010

And the winner is...

..... Italia Johnson!  Congratulations to Italia for winning a print of my painting "When are we going?" today.

Yesterday was the last day of my solo show at Art on the Avenue in Macon and I had packed up the artwork in my daughter's van.  Once home, I was busy unloading when my photography neighbor, Donna Brown, called.  "Join me at an open air arts and crafts market at Wesleyan College tomorrow... it's free, they provide the tables and it's only from 9AM 'til 1PM."  Why not?  That way I can postpone unpacking all the little stuff until tomorrow. It was a beautiful day and I met lots of wonderful people just enjoying being outdoors.  I even reconnected with a client that I did a commission for close to eight years ago!  I set up a fishbowl to give away a print and let my granddaughter, Evie, pull out the winning entry.  I'm not sure I would have gone had I not already had everything prepared, tagged and ready... and what a nice experience to share my art that I would have missed.  I learned something by seizing the opportunity.

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Lisa Riehl said...

I just love this painting! ... And glad you had a good time at the art shows. I hope they were successful for you.