Monday, May 31, 2010

My very first newsletter

I sent out my very first newsletter today and felt so good about it!  Why? ask.  Because everyone who received it has personally signed up for it.  You see, emailing blurbs about myself is the hardest part of marketing for me.  Lots of artists feel the same way.  We truly have a hard time with this issue. Many weeks ago I sent out my last 'blanket email' with the suggestion that those who wanted one monthly update could sign up for a newsletter on my website. Fine Art Studio Online, who hosts my website, has a newsletter service where folks can subscribe or unsubscribe without having to come through me personally.  I also gave the option to those who wanted more frequent news and the latest artwork to sign up on this blog.  

If you want a copy of this first newsletter but are not presently on the subscriber list, just email me through the blog or the website and I'll be happy to forward you a copy.  

Many, many thanks!

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