Monday, May 17, 2010

Behind the scenes

Like a lot of artists that I know, I tend to work in "clumps".  I have been in heavy production over the last six months up until two weeks ago.  The upcoming July/August/September guest artist solo show is already set up and that schedule is made.  I've taken the last two weeks to do some research on galleries and art activities that are within a 2 hour radius of home, done some reading of the known art marketing gurus and thinking about where I'm going.  Doing all the business end stuff, too... updating bio, printing some portfolios, doing website updates, etc...lots and lots of etc.  I've made appointments with two more galleries nearby and entered a couple of national contests that are really stretching me. I still see another few days of getting my "map" ready before another production run is in order. 
There are lots of exciting avenues to follow.  I like to have enough flexibility to remain spontaneous, yet I need enough structure and pressure to keep me moving sanely forward.
A calendar just doesn't cut it for me. I have adopted a CPM (Critical Path Method) from years of working with my husband's construction company.  It really works well for us visual folks. I draw out a time line with spaced out commitments and then place "clumps" of activity along the line.  It enables me to see where and how things have to overlap.   Too much overlapping and I get stressed out and my inner artist starts to revolt. This visual aid helps me see at a glance if I can say 'yes' to an opportunity without jeopardizing commitments I've already made.  It also enables me to say 'no' with less guilt to time bandits that crop up.  This next six month period looks very interesting and the groundwork is being laid for a terrific beginning to 2011. 
In order to "refill the well", I also have been working in the garden, raising some chicks and mulling.  I do mulling really well... I have to watch that one!


pfranklin said...

Pat, I admire your energy!

Pat Burns said...

I look forward to seeing you at Indian Springs on the 29th, Phyllis... it's been too long since we painted together!