Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Breakfast Club - WIP

I had a blast at the Paint Out in Madison, Georgia this past Saturday...talking to the many locals and tourists that frequent the downtown square and chumming with other artists.  My sister met me there and we turned it into a mini-vacation   I've been back since Sunday noon, but this is the first chance I've had to post.  Life is busy with family and art...I'm lovin' it!
This 16" x 20" acrylic on canvas was what I painted plein air on Saturday.  Because of time and reference constraints, I left out one of the three figures I wanted to put in this group of men.  As I was setting up on this very overcast day, a group of ten or so men exited the corner restaurant.  They are a group of locals who meet on Saturday mornings for breakfast.  Most had dispersed by the time I could get to them to ask if they would linger a few moments for me to sketch them, but I got four to remain.  I also snapped a picture and the seated gentleman offered his name, as his wife is involved with the Cultural Center that co-sponsors the Paint Out... my good fortune.  Anyway, I had to turn the painting in for the afternoon auction as you see it here, so I'm not surprised it did not sell, as I can see fundamental compositional errors that I can now tackle back in the studio.  I want to add the third man to complete the composition and create a "conversation".  I'd also like to refine the figures and correct some proportion errors.  I'm pretty happy with the overall brushwork and the feeling ... it rings true to the place and time, so I'll probably leave that pretty much as is.

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