Monday, May 24, 2010

Let the painting begin!

 Darien, GA is known for it's fishing fleet and Old South charm

Would love to show you my kick-start into the next production "clump", but it is a surprise for my upcoming show at The Old Jail Art Center starting with the reception on June 25th in Darien, Georgia.  Some of the members of the McIntosh Art Association responded to my call for reference pictures that I will use to paint from.  They have no idea which ones I've chosen or how I have used them for reference.  They won't know until opening night.  Therefore, it looks like my blogging may be a little sparse for the next few weeks.  If you'll recall, I did this last year in September at my local art association and it was a big hit.  Here's a link that explains the process in a little more detail and shows samples to those who may not have been around for the last 'interactive show'.  

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