Friday, April 9, 2010

After the Bath

"After the Bath"
2" x 4" acrylic on red/gray striated slate
... a 'Spirit in Stone'

This is a sweet little stone with such a shallow relief that you almost have to use your fingernails to follow it.  I left the body and the upper left corner the natural color of the stone.  Some small pieces like this I have turned into broaches, but given the subject matter of this one, I think I'll just offer it bare.  Maybe someone will put her in a shadow box or let her be a paper weight.


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Very cool, Pat. Where did you get the slate from?

Pat Burns said...

Thanks, Cori Lynn! I got a few pieces of that type slate from a pet store. They sold some unusual natural slates and stones for use in aquariums and reptile habitats. Most of them I get from a local stone yard, though. Friends even bring stones to me because they know I'm a rock hound. I've had river rocks from as far away from Georgia as New Mexico!