Friday, April 23, 2010

Poached Salmon

"Poached Salmon"
10" x 22" acrylic on blue shalimar
...a 'Spirit in Stone'
This is the latest in a series of new 'Spirits in Stone' that will be presented in "Conversations in Paint" at Art on the Avenue from April 27th - May 7th.  Mary Jane is busy as I write this, doing her magic...hanging the show.
Tomorrow we do a little TV spot on local station WMAZ to help get the news out.
The van was well-packed and it was amazing that I managed to get it all in without packing one of our cats in with the artwork.. They are so curious that it's quite aggravating... having to close the door to the van between each trip in and out of the studio.  Piggy, in particular, is a rather large cat and loves to dig into any box or squeeze behind any painting.  I'm glad that all I have left to do is label and sleeve some prints.  Whew!

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