Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You are invited!

The past few months have been very focused!  I have come to believe that solo shows are like paintings... you never really finish; you just stop in interesting places.  I hope that the folks that make the effort to come see close to eighty (yes, 80!) creations will feel my passion for this thing called art.
Close to 40 pieces have never been seen by the public.  Most have been created within the last 18 months.  A few are favorite works that have graced my walls and are being offered for sale for the first time to make room for the next chapter of my artistic life.  A few others are works that are special pieces in collections that I've borrowed simply for your viewing enjoyment.  I have so many more images rattling around inside my heart and head that need to take form on canvas, panel, sculpture or stone.  My thanks to all who encourage me and who put up with me when I have my blinders on...you are special people!

1 comment:

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Wish i lived closer so that i could come! Hopefully you'll post pics at some point.. i don't want to miss a single piece!