Monday, April 26, 2010

Bluegrass Soy Sauce

"Bluegrass Soy Sauce"
24" x 30" oil on canvas

This is the last painting I've finished for the show tomorrow night.  I hope no one tests it to see if it's dry!  I posted several "work in progress" shots of this painting way back in Jan/Feb.  Once I set it aside to dry for the next layer, it seems other paintings kept jumping in front of it to be completed.  I'm pleased with the final results, though.  It is subtle and vibrant all at the same time.  Once it's had a chance to cure and the glaze goes on, the finishes of the paint will match and it will look even better.
There's an interesting story behind this painting.  Matt Jamie, the man in the painting, is the owner of Bourbon Barrel FoodsGarden & Gun Magazine sent me an email that had this incredible picture of Matt testing his Bluegrass Soy Sauce that he ages in bourbon barrels.  I got in touch with Matt and asked his permission to paint from that photograph, taken by Chris Witzke, which he so generously allowed me to do.
Do visit his web site and check out this small, personal company that puts a unique twist on creating flavorful seasonings and sauces. 

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Sheila said...

This turned out as gorgeous as I knew it would. I went to Matt's website and what an interesting site! I might have to try out that bourbon barrel aged soy sauce. Great job Pat!