Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reception Rainbow

Wow... I am still processing last night's reception to "Conversations in Paint" that Art on the Avenue held for me!  The outpouring support from everyone was truly a humbling experience.  I tried to speak to each person, but I know there were some that I simply could not get to during the busiest part of the evening.  Please know that I appreciate your being there so much to share my love of art.
There are too many people to thank here, and I want to thank you individually anyway, so I'll just post a few photos taken last night for all to enjoy.  Please also check out Art on the Avenue's Facebook page in the next day or so, as I'm sure they will post some, too.

I had to share this one, taken during the reception by photography friend, Donna Brown, just outside the gallery door.  Note that the sign where the rainbow starts says "PURE".  That just about sums it up!

Ken and Pat Ewing, fellow artists and now collectors, drove all the way to middle Georgia from Virginia just to surprise me ... and they did!  My heart-felt thanks for your support.

My most distant fan, Miguel Tello, shown here with his parents Penny and Mike, is from Argentina.  I was glad to catch him while he was here visiting and so pleased that they took the time out of a busy schedule to share the evening with me.  Thanks, guys!

Gratitude to Pam, for bringing her mother, Patsy Fried, a dear client who has commissioned me in the past to portray their pet lion, Fritz, in a "Spirit in Stone".  What a pleasure to see you both.

Martha Thompson, long time friend and painting buddy, with Virgil Cooper, who greatly honored me by giving my painting series of four seasons in birds a new home.  Hope you enjoy them for many years to come, Virgil!
Walter and Vicki Ellison(on the left), who own two 4' x 8' paintings of mine, were welcomed guests.  He has promised to bring me a huge slab of stone he found on his property several years ago to try to find a "spirit" in.... bring it on, Walter!

Well, about now it started getting so busy that the camera became an after-thought.  Here's hoping that  Ginger, Mary Jane and Debbie can help fill in the gaps with their pictures.

What a rewarding night for my art spirit... thanks to all!


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Oh it sounds like the evening was so blessed! I'm so happy for you!

Betty said...

Wow! Pat, what a wonderful reception you and your beautiful paintings received.

Again, you look sooo much like Karleen.

Congratulations! Betty McIntyre